Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Challenge 29

The soundtrack for your pet's life.

If you had to think of a piece of music, a song or a soundtrack for your pet, what would it be.
Are they the cute cuddly 'Sugar Baby Love' sort of friend, would you go with 'You've got a friend in me' or maybe something like the song which sprang to my mind for a certain Fiki Monster - Bat out of Hell!

It might be the music which seems to tell about the rhythm of your pet's life or maybe the lyrics describe them, or your relationship with them, to a tee.

I will be fascinated to see what you all come up with and how you interpret the challenge.
Have fun thinking of the soundtrack to your true friend's life.




Challenge 28 Winner!

Loving all your pages this month, thanks so much for joining in! But sadly there can only be one winner! This time it's Lesley!

Drop me an email Lesley via my profile and let me know which pack you'd like....

Stay tuned for the next challenge later today!

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Challenge 28

I'm sure most of us love a bit of crime tv and any self respecting drama nowadays has a healthy helping of forensic investigation thown in for good measure. Those cunning cops and agents can decipher a 'perp' from a single hair or a drop of DNA...

So for this challenge the True Friend Team goes all Mulder and Scully, or Brennan and Booth or even a bit Gil Grissom and seek out the evidence your pets leave behind! The ways you could know they'd been around if if they were nowhere to be seen!

Here's what we came up with!






Leave a comment and a link to your page below for a chance to win either a BasicGrey Archaic or Sugared Collection pack worth £15.95!

Looking forward to seeing your pages!

Bath time - Your Layouts

Beautiful layout.
Thank you for taking part.
Challenge 28 should be up soon:)