Thursday, 6 March 2008

Challenge 22

Sorry this is a little late.
The next challenge is bed time and sleeping pets.
So grab your camera and get some shots of cute sleeping pets, curled up in their beds or on their humans laps.

We love to see layouts so please us a link to yours :)


Anonymous said...

I have been looking at all the challenges and never posted one...thats until now..I have a sleeping layout of 2 of my puppies..I hope I did the link right..

Anonymous said...

See Here

Anonymous said...

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Celular said...

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paper.minx said...
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paper.minx said...

my first time playing. here's my layout!

Scrapping4fun said...

Hi my layout is here:

Anonymous said...
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Anesha said...

Hello I only found this blog recently and have been looking forward to taking part. My page can be seen on my blog
Love the projects shown.
Thanks for having a look at mine.