Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Challenge 31

True Confessions (Your "Dirty Little Secrets")

If a tabloid photographer were stalking you and your pet, what photo and headline would be splashed across the front page the next day? What thing (or things) do you do, or allow your pet to do that leave your non-pet owning friends and family shaking their heads (or would make them turn and run if they knew)? I have friends that don't allow pets in the house at all and would be horrified to see Elephant the cat saunter across my kitchen counter (not that he's allowed to do this – he does it to make me jump up off the couch and come pay attention to him!). It could be as innocent as letting the pets on the beds and couches, or maybe you are like my husband who shares a bowl of ice cream with his faithful bird dog - - and they use the SAME SPOON.

As for me, well, I guess my layout title says it all.......


fast loan said...

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greyparrot said...

mwahaha love it!

Scrapdolly said...

I just love that we are so devoted to them ....and it shows

Allison said...

this is my layout showing Bud snuggled up in the shawl on the couchHERE


JoEllyn said...

LOVE these!!!! this is a great idea!! Our dogs pretty much have rule...unless they're WET...hmmm there's an idea for me!!!

Shelly love the ice cream comment!!!

stephanie said...

heres my go!