Thursday, 16 October 2008

Challenge 37

Pet Casualty
It happens, a run in with a car or another animal, maybe a simple allergy or annual shots - - a trip to the vet is required. For me, it seems to happen a lot...I have a 3-Legged dog, a tail-less cat and have owned 2 dogs that were insulin dependant diabetics and eventually went blind. I know everyone in Dr. Judy's office very well!! Maybe you are one of those lucky pet owners like my sister - - her last dog went to the vet only twice (for shots and to be spayed) in her entire 16 year life! Maybe the universe knows that I have a soft spot for "special needs" pets! Let see layouts about your pet's health (good or bad), accidents and visits with the vet. Here is the story about Copper the $4,000 3-legged mutt!



Ingunn said...

This is an old one, but I wanted to share it:

I still feel so bad about what happened :(

liannallama said...

Here's an old LO of mine about my sweet kitty that I had to give lots of medical care to. Sigh--I miss him so!

jay670120 said...

Love your L/Os , if you fancy entering craft challenges or monthly competitions pop over and join us at

GlitteryKatie said...

Oh this is SO relevant just now- thank HEAVENS for Pet Insurance is all I can say!!
Thank goodness for our fabulous vets!!