Saturday, 6 June 2009

Challenge 48

Arty Pets!

For this challenge we want to see your pets as works of art! There are a range of software programmes available to us to alter photos nowadays, from Photoshop to Picasa. Along with standard functions like cropping and retouching, there are a number of nifty little gadgets you can use to create some crazy effects! So whether you want to Warhol your cats like Karen and Shelly, or make your dog into a comic book character like Katy, or even do it old school style and alter your photos using paints and inks, we'd love to see what you create! Alternatively, maybe your pet itself is handy (or should that be pawy or clawy!) with some paints and has made their own masterpiece!

If you don't have Photoshop there are a few free internet sites you can use such as , or


Katy- used a comic book filter
Shelly- adjusted the hue and saturation using Picasa
Correna- used a photocopy filter in Photoshop
Lori- used a duo-tone effect in picnik


Anonymous said...

Wow!! These LOs are awesome!! Fantastic challenge!! Can't wait to make my cat art!!

MirjamC said...

I don't understand why there're no other entry's, because this is such a great challenge!!!!
Here's mine....

elina said...

Well, here is my take!! CATINSKY!! (No kadinky for sure!!)

Karen said...

I love all the layouts!! Very cool techniques on the photos!!