Sunday, 25 October 2009

Challenge 57


If your pet could dream of being a superhero, who would they be? Would they be a caped crusader like Batman? Or maybe they'd swing on webs across the city rooftops like Spiderman? Or are they more likely to be a supervilllan, twirling their moustache as they hold a damsel captive?

Show us your layouts of your pets with super powers; lycra pants and capes optional!




Who knew you would become the center of my pet universe!?

Remember you still have until the 1st November to send us your entries for the DT call at


Ann said...

There are some mean-looking pets here! But cute too.
Lovely layouts everyone.

Anna said...

Great challenge - Love all the LOS :) Mine's here:

Thank you

scrapdolly said...

Fab pages ladies - as ever

Mole said...

LOL! I enjoyed this one. My take of the challnge is on my blog!

Jami said...

Great los. Love seeing all the animals. Here is mine.

pamala said...

Great LOS!!!

Corporate Video Production said...

very cute