Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Challenge 26

We all have cute photos. Photos that make us say "awww". This weeks challenge is to scrap those photos.

Our guest designer this week is Karen Miller (K3).

"I am a thirty-something wife and mum of 3, and have been scrapping for around 3 ½ years now. We have had various pets over the years, including canaries, rabbits, rats, a hamster and (my true love) dogs. At the moment, we have a 2 year old Border Terrier called Max, who is completely bonkers. Photos of him are few and far between because he never sits still, but I can sometimes bribe him with food.

We used to own two Boxers, Dexter and Scully, who were the biggest pair of softies you could ever meet, but had to sadly rehome them about 6 years ago due to family circumstances. I still love them dearly and wish things had turned out differently.

For this challenge, I used some of the very first photos we have of Scully. They’re old and quality isn’t great but she was such a little sweetie that I HAD to choose these because they always make me go “Awwww” when I see them. Thanks for asking me to play along this week."



Have fun!


greyparrot said...

lol! lubberly layouts as always x

Shelly said...

Such fantastic layouts!
I am working on one of my "aaaawwwww" layouts now - - of course I think All pics of my pets have that "aaawww" factor-LOL!

Laura said...

Hello! This is my first challenge here and I just finished my layout. Go take a look :)

Going For Greatness said...

What a great challenge! here's mine ! I hope I'm not too late!

JoEllyn said...

Here is one I think is awww....This is my youngest lab who carries her ball around like a baby and keeps it within "noses reach" at all times whenever there's one left out of the cupboard!!

Lesley said...

Here is one of my photos of our dogs that always makes us go awww when we see them!!

Deborah said...

here is mine! It's the forst challenge I've done on here.

Lori said...

So many cute pets- its like an awwww-fest of pages from everyone!Fantastic work!

Denise said...

Here is mine if it's not too late: