Monday, 10 August 2009

Challenge 52

Going to the movies!

For this challenge our pets are taking their turn on the big screen! Is there a movie title that you feel describes your pet to a tee? Maybe they act like a character in a favourite film? Or, maybe there's a still or poster from a movie that's really caught your imagination? So, let us see your layouts with your pets in the starring role!

Shelly- the inspiration poster and layout



elina said...

HAHA!! This is such a fun challenge!!! You cracked me up!!

Sweet Momiji said...

This is an awesome challenge!! I'm so glad I found it!! My layout can be found here.


Mole said...

This was fun - spent ages trying to thin kof a film title that would match my pix! You can find the result here on my blog:

Anna said...

Great challenge! Mine's on my blog:

Thank you :)

Jami said...

I love your site. My friend sent me the link. I have so many animals & tons of pics of them. So here is my lo for this challenge.