Sunday, 23 August 2009

Challenge 53

Wrapped around their little paw/ claw/ fin, etc!

We all know how it goes- you're busy doing something and suddenly become aware of a little face peeking at you, or pawing at your leg, demanding attention for something. If you're anything like us, you probably find it hard to resist!. Whether it is that sad eyed look, the incessant whining, the begging, the hard to resist cute face – show us a layout about your pet featuring the way they make you drop everything and do their bidding! How does your pet wrap you round their little paw, claw or other appendage! As an extra little challenge, we'd like you include some journalling on the page to tell your story.



elina said...

I just love love love when cats stay with their tongues out!!! I will definately scrap about my hugging cat which I JUST ADORE!!

Jacynthe said...

I'm working away at mine. Hopefully I'll have it done this week-end.

See you then...

Ann said...

I just had to enter this LO of our cat, Smokey, who had us all wrapped around his little paw for the very short time we had him!

Jami said...

I got this one done. Had the perfect sujects since we just got 3 new kittens.

Jacynthe said...

I just posted mine in my gallery at 2Peas. You can read the translated journaling in the description part.

My layout was inspired by the talented Anna (Anna-begins-again). Her way with layered embellishments is fabulous. I hope that mine somewhat comes close to her resembling her work.

Thank you for the challenge.