Saturday, 11 August 2007

being owned by a dog...

You may remember the post about Willow joining Katie Shanahan-Jones' household a little while ago...well one month on and Katie has made lots of discoveries. I found this so funny, sweet and true that I thought it needed to be shared!

KT has never owned (or been owned by) a dog before, here are her observations:

~Puppies fart...enough to stink out a room!
~Puppies love veggies!
~My puppy eats her own pooh (ugh)
~We cheered when Willow buried then FOUND her first item (OK it was only a carrot!!)~Puppies sleep a lot
~Puppies snore!
~Having a puppy makes you a magnet for everyone and strangers talk to you...well to the puppy!!!
~Beagles have BIG ears that soak up water from their bowl and transports it around the house!!~Willow loves drinking from the end of the hose...a puddle...buckets almost anywhere OTHER than her nice clean drinking water.
~Puppies chew...ALL THE TIME!
~Puppies are unbelievably adorable
~Puppies are unbelievably annoying
~Puppies are unbelievably funny
~People walking their dogs in the park are REALLY helpful and full of kind words for nervous new puppy owners.
~Puppies like Lego (children are NOT keen on this)
~Willow loves sleeping behind the TV
~Willow sunbathes
~Beagles NEVER lift their nose off the ground except to eat something
~Willow kisses us
~Willow sucks my fingers when she's sleepy
~Willow makes groany noises when tired
~We love Willow and can't imagine her not being in our family

So how many times did you nod in agreement?!


Laurie said...

LOL thats so funny. It brought back so many memories of Kali when she was a pup.

Willow seems to be settling in nicely lol

Laurie x

Katy said...

Hahaha!! But you just can't fully appreciate how much ears/paws and fur can soak up until you've had a Newfie!! It's like a permanent flood here!